5 Best Paper Trading Platforms of 2024

As one of the best online brokerages, TD Ameritrade offers secure storage for investments and other assets. Insider considers Charles Schwab to be the best online brokerage overall, as well as one of the best online brokerages for beginners. But investing fake money (and, especially, losing it) feels far different compared to investing your own money. You will learn more if you start off with paper trading, then invest small amounts of your own money by buying fractional shares.

Some A-Book brokers provide traders with access to market-depth information. Market depth, often displayed as an order book, shows the current buy and sell orders at various price levels in the market. Traders can use this information to assess the supply and demand dynamics for a particular currency pair, helping them make more informed trading decisions. Market depth is a valuable tool for traders looking to gauge market sentiment and anticipate potential price movements.

Disadvantages of A-Book Brokers

These are the Prime, ECN, R StocksTrader, ProCent, and Pro accounts. Roboforex uses a Straight Through Processing model that removes any conflict of interest between the broker and the trader. Its ECN account also links client orders straight with liquidity providers. is another broker that offers A book execution model on its DMA account and its STP account.

  • Another way that A-Book forex brokers may make money is through interest charges.
  • Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors.
  • The A-Book process is synonymous with a traditional brokerage role.
  • As you can see, an A-Book broker barely makes money offering mini lots, only making about $1 per mini lot (10,000 units).
  • This broker is under the regulation of the FSCA in South Africa, the CySEC in Cyprus, and the ASIC in Australia.

The «Raw spread» account with Exness won’t be possible on B-book. STX Brokers’ Fixed spread accounts won’t be A-book (these are B-book). While variable spread accounts could be either A-book or A+B hybrid. Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

What Are the Advantages of Trading with an A-Book Broker?

This means that the broker acts as an intermediary between the trader and the interbank market. The broker’s role is simply to execute the trades requested by the trader. It’s generally impossible for a trader to know definitively whether they have been categorized as A-Book or B-Book by their Forex broker. This categorization is part of the internal risk management and business strategy of the broker, and it’s not typically information that they share with their clients. On the other hand, brokers are increasingly using the A-Book model for clients who are identified as more sophisticated or who engage in larger volume trades.

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Fidelity offers international investing in foreign markets and foreign currency exchange between 16 different currencies. A-Book forex brokers make their profits via a small mark up on the spread/commission that you directly pay when placing trading orders. Assume the spread from the liquidity provider is 3 pips, your A Book broker may list it on their platform as 4 pips, guaranteeing them a 1 pip profit. A-Book forex brokers offer a high level of transparency to their clients.

How to Choose the Best Online Brokerage

Especially when compared with the service provided by a Forex Broker that has only a single source for its quotations. A-Book Brokers make money by increasing the spread or charging commissions on the volume of orders. Therefore, there are no conflicts of interest; they earn the same amount of money with both winning and losing traders. They do not take many risks but potentially achieve lower profits because they earn only on margins/commissions.

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“B-Book execution” is just a fancy phrase for taking the opposite of your trade. Based on the numbers above, here’s what an A-Book would make per month if its customers traded mini lots. Now you can see how difficult it is to operate as strictly an A-Book broker if you have customers who trade small position sizes.


As for the spreads that traders enjoy on this broker site, they depend on the account a trader is on. There are three main trading accounts How To Use Crypto Taps for traders to choose from. The standard and the cent account both feature spreads from as low as 0.7 pips for major currency pairs.

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Investing, Derivatives, Spread betting and CFD trading carry a high level of risk to your capital and can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Between 68-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs and spread bets. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. He is passionate about financial markets and cutting-edge technology. With a dynamic 16-year trading career, he’s on a mission to guide fellow traders. Having navigated diverse forex brokers, Jason shares his insights at Brokersway to bridge the gap between traders and the right brokerage.

Advocates of A-Book brokers argue that the A-Book execution model is “better” for customers versus B-Book since the broker is not directly profiting from customers losing money on the trade. This means that a broker’s interests are more aligned with their customers. Now with those parts covered, we believe you have a little more understanding of what A-Book brokers are. Let’s now shift our focus to some of the best A-book forex brokers.

In other words, even if the trade opened by the trader goes into profit, causing a loss for the broker, the broker will make up the loss with the trade he opened with his liquidity provider. The rationale behind the B-Book model is grounded in the statistical likelihood that most retail traders will lose money in Forex trading. Statistics indicate that between 74-89% of retail accounts lose money, suggesting that a significant majority of traders make incorrect trading decisions. This tendency allows B-Book brokers to profit more often than not, as they typically end up on the winning side of these losing trades.

Fidelity offers multiple account types, a long list of available investments, and competitive pricing with industry leaders for low-cost investments. SoFi Invest is a great platform for US investors who are looking for an intuitive online trading experience, an open active or automated investing account. That’s why FX Brokers with larger market makers use a hybrid model.

However, it is worth noting that reputable B-Book brokers prioritize fair and transparent practices, as any client losses should not be the result of manipulative tactics. When placing a trade via a B-Book broker, they fill your trade in house. So, a B-Book forex broker can be best described as a market maker who is responsible for always providing execution and paying the differences (losses or profits) to their clients. No matter what market you trade, you can only access the financial markets through a broker. They connect forex retail market participants with to liquidity providers.

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